How we work

Tailor-made Solutions for our Clients

Based on your requirements and wishes, we develop – together with your consultants – a detailed solution concept and coordinate its implementation. We act solely in your interest as your loyal advisor, coordinator and central contact for your or our German or Canadian expert network (banks, wealth managers, notaries, tax advisors and lawyers) and coordinate with them the entire implementation process.

Loyalty and Discretion

We act solely in your interest as our client. Absolute loyalty and discretion are essential prerequisites for our cooperation. We think in the long-term, see “the big picture” and act systematically and goal-oriented. With our expertise and the support of our experienced partners, we are able to provide a variety of solutions and services (see also “Partner”).


We receive our compensation solely from you, our client, based on an individual consultancy contract with full transparency. We do not receive any additional remuneration from third parties or our network partners. We also do not operate as a licensed asset manager, investment advisor or investment broker according to German or Canadian laws or regulations.