Family Office and Advisory Services Canada. Supervisory Board Mandates

TAVINA provides strategic and holistic advice to high net worth or institutional German-speaking clients with respect to the preservation, protection and transfer of their Canadian assets.

TAVINA also assumes senior advisory and supervisory mandates for companies in the financial sector with innovative business models.

Advisory Services and Access to Selected Investments in Canada

In light of increased geopolitical and economic risks, investors have been pursuing an international risk diversification of their assets. Canada, a country with a secure and reliable law system, a liberal and open society, and a steadily growing economic environment, offers attractive conditions for this purpose.

Based on an individual advisory mandate, we elaborate individual solutions for our clients and coordinate and accompany its implementation with specialists from our network.
Our client mandates comprise the selection, support and constant supervision of solid investments as well as the coordination and support of estate planning issues.

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“With passion and loyalty we are committed to high net worth clients, families and companies, who are seeking independent and trustworthy advice and customized solutions for their complex wealth-related questions.“

Alexander Jecht

Advisory and Supervisory Mandates for Companies in the Financial Sector

The financial industry is undergoing radical change. “FinTech” companies with disruptive strategies, new business models based on digitalization and innovative technologies such as blockchain applications are reshaping the industry.

In this context, we assume senior advisory and supervisory mandates.

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