People are working very hard and passionate in their jobs and tend to see the equivalent – their assets or fortune – wither away, often due to lack of knowledge or time. But to be successful in managing wealth, money has to work as hard as the people in their jobs.

However, many experts only offer partial solutions (investment, management, financing, or asset transfers). What is required is a global and holistic view on the client’s personal and financial situation, considering her or his goals, wishes and attitude to find the appropriate solution.

We see our strength in elaborating individual and sustainable solutions for our clients’ complex financial issues and in the implementation and coordination of these solutions together with experts from the respective areas. As extraordinarily loyal and trustworthy advisors, we often accompany our clients throughout their whole lives and across generations.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair“

Alexander Jecht

Alexander Jecht has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He has served in various senior management roles with European financial services companies such as INTERHYP, UBS and Julius Baer. Alexander holds a degree in Business Administration from the European Business School (EBS) and is a licensed estate planner, executor of a will, and private equity advisor of the Private Finance Institute of EBS as well as CGA® Certified Generations Advisor, Executor of a Will and Private Equity Advisor of the Private Finance Institute (PFI) of EBS.

Tatjana Jecht

Tatjana Jecht served as a tax expert and Expert-Comptable at BDO Luxembourg for many years and has extensive knowledge in the field of national and international tax laws with a constant focus on wealthy European private clients. Tatjana holds a degree in Economics from the University of Hamburg.