Immigration to Canada: New Criteria for the QUEBEC-Program

High quality of life, low criminal rates, attractive tax rates for entrepreneurs, access to free trade zones. Also, as regards immigration, Canada belongs to the most favored destinations worldwide, particularly for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs.

The programs vary from province to province, but are regulated and monitored by the respective provincial and federal Canadian Government.

Currently, the province of Quebec has renewed its popular “passive Investment program”. Precondition and decision criteria for a successful acceptance are “management experience”, financial background and a clear intention of the applicants to settle in Quebec. The investment takes place in an Investment Fund, an investment into an existing or a new founded company is not accepted.

Applicants have to prove a minimum net worth of 2 M CAD$ and need to invest 1,2 M CAD$ into an investment fund, launched, supervised and guaranteed by the Province of Quebec with a term of 5 years, however, non-interest-bearing. A finance option of the investment is possible. Quebec uses these funds to subsidize local business companies with low-cost fundings.

In case of successful acceptance, the so-called “permanent resident” status might be granted; the whole process might, however, take 2 or more years from the date of application.

The number of applicants in this category is limited to approximately 1900. With the proof of French language skills, however, this quota can be avoided, which makes the program very popular, especially for European Investors.