Family Office Services for German Speaking Clients and Access to Investments

Main Focus

In cooperation with specialists from your or our network of German or Canadian experts, we serve as a strategic advisor, coordinator and central contact partner for all issues regarding the investment, management, preservation or transfer of your assets and can provide you access to carefully selected, solid investments which meet your requirements.


Based on the results of a proper analysis of your personal and financial situation as well as your individual goals and wishes – which determine the principal orientation for your assets – we develop a plan and accompany its implementation. We act solely in your interest as trusted advisor, coordinator and central contact point for all specialists from your or our network of experts.
We aim to achieve the best possible solution – also in terms of return and cost efficiency – for your individual situation.

The Way We Work

We act solely in your interest as our client. Absolute loyalty and discretion are essential prerequisites for our cooperation. We think long-term, want to explore “the big picture” and act systematically and goal-oriented. With our own expertise and the support of our experienced partners, we can cover all asset-classes.

Network of Experts

As your sole representative and stakeholder, we coordinate and steer the input of specialists such as wealth managers, banks, public notaries, tax consultants and lawyers, be it from your own or our network of German or Canadian experts.
In individual cases, we can also arrange and coordinate selected investor groups for attractive investments in club deals or private placements.

Assumption of Role as Canadian and German Executor

Some of our long-standing clients have chosen us as their personal executor in Canada and Europe to assure that their desires which they have expressed in their last wills, will be respected and adequately implemented after their death.


We receive our compensation only from you, our client, based on an individual advisory or management contract with fully transparency. We do not get any additional remuneration from third parties or our network partners and are not a licensed portfolio manager, investment advisor or investment broker according to German or Canadian laws or regulatory requirements.